Why and who would use TheDeskPro products?

Digital course creators, makeup-artists, YouTube legends, entrepreneurs, food-photographers, selfie queens, Livestream pros, and anyone who just wants great lighting for both videos and photos! Everyone knows how annoying it is to try find the perfect lighting! 

What’s the difference between a fluorescent ring light and the LED right light?

Great question! Fluorescent ring lights tend to get hot really easy + are incredibly fragile. The light tube is known for breaking easily and they tend to last around 10,000 hours.
LED ring lights will not overheat, they are durable + the rest of the lights continue to work if one fuses, and they last for around 80,000 hours.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide! Shipping rates will be calculated at check-out.



Do you provide the plug for your ring-light and what plug is it?

There are a number of options depending on which country you live in. Please specify with plug you need when completing your purchase. Available choices: USA/Canada -UK -EU -AU/NZ

Why LED over FLASH?!

Photographers and many creative industries require an effective, natural consistent light to shoot footage in. The problem with flash as it can easily look overexposed or artificially bright and it always seems to focus on the areas we hate and want to hide! We also realize how annoying it is when you capture a perfect photo but have red eye, so TheDeskPro’s purpose is to eliminate this issue. You can have perfect lighting evenly over your face!